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We are a professional association of couriers and messengers.  A courier is a person who provides pickup and deliver of goods for customers using a motorized vehicle.  A messenger provides similar services via foot or bike delivery.  Some organizations use the services of both couriers and messengers.  If you are currently employed as a courier or messenger you may be eligible to become a member of the Professional Couriers Association.  The benefits of our association include:


Professional Connections

PCA provides our members with the opportunity to make valuable professional connections while expanding their own courier knowledge and skill sets.

Member Management

PCA is a member managed professional organization. Member management ensures that meeting the needs of the members is the prime goal of your local chapter.



If you are looking to elevate yourself in this industry, you will have the opportunity to develop your personal leadership skills by interacting with other  professionals.






L.M. "Shammy" Street

Subject Matter Expert

John Spain, PhD

Chief Executive

Carol Ringpfiel

Admin & Financial Director

Joining & Administration

ProCouriers is a member managed professional association for couriers and messengers with coordination and organization from the National Executive Team (NET).  A courier is a person who provides pickup and deliver of goods for customers using a motorized vehicle.  A messenger provides similar services via foot or bike delivery.  Some organizations use the services of both couriers and messengers.  The following page segment provides a summary of the associations Benefits, Requirements, How to Join, and Chapter Management.


  • Make valuable professional connections.
  • Extending your professional network will allow for the development of new contacts with fellow professionals that have similar goals,  objectives and challenges.
  • Being a part of a national association of professionals couriers can significantly reduce the struggles found in relocation or just a change or refinement of your local career.
  • Development of your personal leadership skills leading to professional growth as well as promotional opportunities and career enhancement.
  • PCA is a member managed organization providing you with the opportunity to assume roles of leadership and management within the association.
  • Joining the Association during the organizing year will make you a Charter Member. A designation your will keep for the lifetime of your membership.


  • Recommendation from a PCA Member in good standing,


  • Currently working as a courier and employment status validated by a member of the company management team,


  • Verifiable resume including including employment history for the last two years accompanied by two individuals providing a positive reference.
  • Valid license and permits as required.
  • Comply with all state, local and Federal requirements.
  • Meet all regulations and certifications required for the handling of all materials.
  • Covered by Company or Personal bond and insurance.


  • Complete the application found on the Application/Payment page of this website.
  • Make the payment at the Introductory rate using the payment button at the bottom of the application/payment page.
  • Submit the application after the payment process has been completed.
  • Complete the questionnaire regarding the Membership Certificate and ID Card.
  • Members loosing their “Good Standing” status will be either restricted, suspended or disqualified.  Restrictions and suspensions may be levied for cause at the chapter level or the Executive Team may take any of the three actions based on cause.
  • Actions taken by the Chapter or the Executive Team may be appealed within 30 days of the action taken. All appeals will be made to the Executive Team and all appeal judgments will be final.


  • The goal of each chapter will be to increase the professional bearing of each member.
  • Creating a new chapter requires eight (8) members and application to and sanctioning by the Executive Team.
  • In the event a chapter has not been formed individual members will be affiliated with the National Chapter or the Chapter At Large.
  • Chapters are required to hold a meeting monthly.
  • Chapter dates and times for meetings should be approved by the members and scheduled in advance.
  • Chapter officers will include a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and an Administrator.
  • Each chapter will elect officers in the last meeting of the year.
  • Officers will serve a full year.  In the event an office is vacated the Chair will appoint a new officer.  In the event the Chair position is vacated, the Vice Chair will assume that position.
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For a limited time you can take advantage of an introductory offer for a CHARTER MEMBERSHIP.  The annual cost of an individual Charter Membership will remain the same for as long as you are an active member in good standing.  After this introductory period Charter Memberships will no longer be available and annual dues will be raised accordingly.  Your personal Certificate of Membership and Identification Card will indicate your Charter Member status.  PCA makes group memberships available to companies, organizations and institutions at an introductory rate.  This offering is also available only for a limited time.

Charter Member



/ Annual




Introductory Group

(up to 10 members)



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Premium Group

(up to 30 members)


/ Annual





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If you would like to receive additional information or would like to be contacted by someone from PCA, please let us know by using one of the options below:

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  2. Reach us by telephone by dialing 615.378.0777
  3. Send us a direct email at info@procouriers.org.

It would be our pleasure to provide additional information on the services PCA provides to the courier and messenger segment.